WE BOOST PRODUCT AND SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT FOR REAL PROBLEMSWe are committed to guiding our customers on their innovation journey in a structured, swift, and trustworthy manner, offering comprehensive services every step of the way.
Web3 Finance,
Web3 Finance,Institutional DeFi & Tokenization
At Cryptologic, we pioneer the convergence of next-generation blockchain technologies with traditional financial infrastructure. Our suite of solutions revolutionizes the movement of digital assets in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape.
We specialize in:
  1. Ecosystem Framework Design: Crafting robust digital ecosystems that serve as the backbone for decentralized finance.
  2. Platform Architectures: Building scalable and secure platforms tailored for the future of finance.
  3. Cross-Chain Interoperability: Ensuring seamless transactions and interactions across diverse blockchain networks.
  4. Integrated KYC/AML Solutions: Embedding compliance measures for user verification and anti-money laundering.
  5. End-to-End Asset Tokenization: Overseeing the complete lifecycle of asset tokenization, from inception to deployment.
Join us in redefining the boundaries of financial services, driving unparalleled efficiency and innovation.
Web3 Finance,
CRYPTO &Payment Solutions
Since the dawn of the cryptocurrency era, our seasoned team has been at the forefront of its evolution. We've not only witnessed but actively shaped the growth of the crypto payment ecosystem. With a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies, we're uniquely positioned to offer tailored solutions that cater to your business's specific needs.
Our comprehensive portfolio includes:
  1. Crypto Payment Gateways: Seamless integration for in-store, in-app, and online transactions.
  2. Secure Wallet Solutions: Both hosted and non-custodial wallets fortified with institutional-grade security features.
  3. Cross-Chain Web3 Wallets: Ensuring full interoperability with traditional gateways, exemplified by our latest product, Vortx.
Trust in our legacy of excellence and innovation to empower your business in the crypto age.
Smart Contract Auditing
Smart Contract AuditingEnsuring Integrity & Security
Entrust your blockchain endeavors with our rigorous smart contract auditing services, guaranteeing the resilience and security of your decentralized applications.
Use Cases We've Worked On:
  1. Decentralized Finance (DeFi): smart contracts for lending, borrowing and derivatives exchange platforms.
  2. Token Generation events (TGE) and escrow contracts.
  3. Governance protocols for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).
  4. Non-fungible Token (NFT) minting and marketplace contracts.
Smart Contract Auditing
Empowering Industries
Empowering Industrieswith Smart Contract Innovation
Smart contracts are revolutionizing the financial landscape by enabling a wide array of services, from replicating traditional business logic like lending and borrowing to introducing novel decentralized finance (DeFi) mechanisms. These contracts ensure transparent codification, strict rule adherence, and automated settlements, ushering in unprecedented levels of automation, transparency, and efficiency in financial transactions.
Our expertise spans across various facets of smart contract applications, including:
  1. Smart Legal Contracts: Bridging the gap between legal stipulations and automated execution.
  2. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): Facilitating decentralized governance and decision-making.
  3. Application Logic Contracts: Embedding intricate business logic seamlessly within blockchain applications.
Furthermore, we've delved deep into advanced DeFi solutions, such as liquidity staking and collateralized debt positions, where assets are locked in smart contracts to mint stablecoins. Our skillful team has been actively involved, designing, developing and maintaining the set of smart contracts that are the backbone of one of the most sophisticated decentralized derivative exchanges.Join us in shaping the future of finance through the power of blockchain and smart contract technology.
Empowering Industries
Our in-house legal structure is involved in all phases of the projects, running along the way of the whole team, because we know the IT industry in depth. All of us are very well connected with the entrepreneur ecosystem as well as different relevant body regulators in many jurisdictions.


Legal fintech infrastructure
AML/KYC process and protocols
Payment Money transmitter and lending


ICO and STO legal advisors
White Paper legal review
KYC/AML Compliance protocols
Strategic regulation and jurisdictions
Pre-Sale & Sale legal Documents
Legal Smart Contract design


Corporate and jurisdiction strategy design
Company set up
Seeds and VC financing rounds
Intellectual Property
Privacy data protection programs
Tax Planning



Our method usually starts with a C-Level and managers training program, with the goal of understanding technology use cases and encourage ideas from the experts within the companies.


  1. Distributed ledger technology
  2. Blockchain
  3. Architectures
  4. Components
  5. Concepts
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We assist our clients during the whole process, from market research to PoC development and final deployment of the production applications.
Blokchain solutions must be integrated with current and common organization processes. We work side-by-side with the company current team to make smoother and faster technology integrations.
Market research / Requirements gathering
PoC Development
Technical / UX-UI design
Update and support


  1. Understand current organization processes.
  2. Detect use cases and possible blockchain integrations.
  3. Define technical components and schemes.
  4. Create a product RoadMDap


  1. Requirement list.
  2. Define project scope.
  3. Create a PoC plan.
  4. Project quotation.
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