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We help organizations to incorporate BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.

We are technological PARTNERS!

We come along with our clients from the training and ideation process, proof of concept generation, development and implementation of solutions based on blockchain technology addressed to solve real problems.


With proven legal and technological experience, our team excels on fintech integrations, state of the art developments and regultatory compliance

Bernardo Corti


Maximiliano Cañellas


Sebastian Ponti

Lead Developer

Ivan Novakovich

Head of Legal

Agustín Fiorenza

Lead Solidity Developer

Matías Lareo

Blockchain Developer

Antonela Scoponi

Marketing Director

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We have been in the industry for more than 5 years, with proven experience, propietary technology and third-party developments. We know the technology and we have many successful cases in Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Singapore.

We develop our own Blockchain infrastructure

It's a platform with combined key resources designed to integrate DLT tech with, and smooth down the whole, financial industry.

Success stories

We have joined different skilled and cultural teams around the world, but all of them with the same goal: to improve things. These are some of the most interesting stories we helped to get ready.

Technologies we have experience working with